Demon’s Path, E02—The Plot Thickens… I Think

When last we left Demon’s Path, Sam had lost his (underage) girlfriend, who had then been brought back to life by Chow Chu Kei, only to throw some shade before vanishing once more into the deep. We also see the creepy mortician do some sort of weird mind link with the body just so he could… experience her pain?

Episode two opens with a man looking for things in a shop; specifically, things that can help him dispose of a body. I am not sure who this man is, but he appears to be a killer. This is shown by copious amounts of blood and body parts in the man’s room, and him cutting up what looks like a really large bone. Demon’s Path gets graphic with their gore, which came as a surprise compared with the tame murder scene of Lam Lam.

Oh, and the man from the first episode, who I think has cancer, makes an appearance.

Our intrepid heroes are away on a search for the original cardboard box murderer, Sito Wing Keung, a man who was recently (secretly) released from prison after serving his time. The episode delves into this, making the episode surprisingly engaging, but, of course, there are still moments that remain absolutely ridiculous.


The squad sets off on a hunt for the killer’s students/disciples, convinced that he has made one of them into a cardboard-box killer–copycat or that one of the disciples are doing it out of respect for him. There’s also a point that’s been mentioned more than once, which is that some people say that the man who was sent to prison was wrongly accused.

This does not look like the face of an innocent man, does it?

The squad then goes looking for the students of Keung, leading to a dead end before being able to find their way forward. Hot on the trail of one of Keung’s students, Sam gets involved in a tussle, gets reckless with his gun, and has this wonderful chase sequence, as well.


This sequence ends in Tung’s death, but not before Tung earnestly professes his faith in the Master and the fact that he’s innocent. Of course, now that he’s dead, there’s only one place for him to go.

Ho’s Morgue.

Here, not only do they find out who their next target is, they also find out that Sam’s girlfriend was pregnant and, for some reason, Ho put the baby in a jar. Sam signs away his rights to… something, just so he can take a look inside Tung’s head, finding a way forward to their next suspect: Peter.

Meanwhile, someone is busy cutting up and getting rid of the disciples of Keung, for reasons that are unknown at this point.

The rules of Demon’s Path are shaky. It doesn’t seem to matter when they say that the dead can only speak three lines, which in itself is arbitrary; when more lines are needed, more are provided. What matters most is getting the biggest reaction out of the viewer, and doing so in the most hodgepodge manner possible. The biggest problem with the show is that you cannot empathise with the characters because you know nothing about them.

That’ s not important, however. What is important is the fact that Demon’s Path continues to be as ridiculous as it is, allowing for moments like this to happen.

He needs to work on his hand-grabbing skills.

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